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Dublin SEO Guide: Understanding Basic Search Engine Optimization

You’ve found your niche for the Dublin, Ireland area, and you’ve built your website. However, there’s one massive problem. No one is visiting your site because no one can find it. What do you do?

If no one is visiting your site, it’s highly likely you’ve failed to include SEO techniques, or, you’ve included them, but they aren’t effective. You must optimize your site so that search engines, with a focus on Google, will not only like it but love it. When that happens, you are more likely to find your site at the top of Google for its niche. Here’s a Dublin SEO guide.

Evaluate Your Keywords

One of the basics of search engine optimization, or SEO, are keywords. They are the strongest words that best describe your niche or brand. Let’s say you’re a pet groomer in the neighborhood of Crumlin in Dublin, Ireland. One of your keyword phrases could be “pet groomer Crumlin Dublin Ireland.” The best keyword phrases drill down to specifics, and they should be included in your titles, subtitles, content, photo descriptions, etc.

Keywords must be used naturally, and they must never be stuffed. Keyword stuffing, or using an excessive number of keywords in the hopes of placing higher on Google, is highly frowned upon by Google. It may have worked in the past, but Google has upgraded its policies to punish sites that keyword stuff.

Write Quality Content

It’s not just your customers who benefit from quality content; it’s your website. Google rewards sites that include quality content as opposed to sites that don’t. When Google notices well-written content, it gets placed higher in its search results.

When your content is of quality, it is not only original, but it’s free of spelling and grammatically errors. Plus, it is well-written and engaging.

Have a Presence on Social Media

In the 21st-century, having a presence on social media is no longer an option. Few businesses fail to not only have a website but also be on major social media sites. Therefore, you should be on at least two or three social media sites that work well with your brand.

For example, if you are a pet groomer in Dublin, you could have a presence on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Twitter and Facebook have a focus on content as well as images and videos. Instagram has more of a focus on pictures and videos over content. All three can help to showcase your business. On your website, ensure that you have links to your social media sites, and, be sure you share content from your website to your social media sites.

Build Back Links

Another critical factor of effective SEO is backlinks. Backlinks are links that link to your website from another site. These links need to be from websites that relate to yours, and they need to be from reputable sites. You never want to have backlinks from sites that are not reputable or that do not relate to your brand.

Include a Site Map

A site map keeps your site organized and helps visitors easily navigate. Also, it helps your visitors click on the information you want to convey and lead them to a sale.

The point of your dog groomer site in Dublin is to bring in customers who wish to have their dogs groomed. Your goal is to keep them on your site long enough to get them interested in your service. In addition, an effective way to make a sale is to give them the ability to book an appointment directly from your site.

Effective SEO cannot be rushed. It is a continuous process that you must focus on daily to increase your site’s visibility. You compete with other businesses offering what you offer. Use the tips in this Dublin SEO guide to give your website a leg up on the competition.

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